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“The house party is so authentic, it took me back in time… This is going to be a huge success.”
– Danny Rampling – Pioneering DJ

Synopsis: All Rose wanted to do was help her grandmother; when a chance encounter swept her into a life she never expected, immersing her into the music, dance and ecstasy of the cultural renaissance happening right under her feet, in 1990s Manchester. Rose’s new friends catapult her from her life of despair, into the skies of growth, friendship an discovery. This is a remarkable coming of age story about a young woman who finds herself during the most remarkable time in music and youth culture. In 1991, music changed the world, and changed the lives of people like Rose, forever.

We have created the Rose Gold Short Film, to introduce our upcoming feature (of the same name) and to showcase the power of the Story of Rose Gold: A young girl coming of age, at a unique moment in history, which revolutionised, influenced, and defined so many lives. If you are keen to invest or support the feature film of Rose Gold, contact us.

Writer/Director Simon Powell notes, “I’ve been passionately wanting to make something special like this for years. Documenting history is important, especially when it’s something as seminal and inspirational as this subculture. Subcultures are what define us artistically and creatively as a country as they’re outside of governmental control, albeit briefly. But it’s those brief moments when we are left alone to create something wonderful happens. and unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult to define ourselves as the ideological and repressive state apparatus confine us. Street culture, art, film, music and fashion, seem to be theleading beacons of recognition, of which, there are many, but none have changed those as much as the rave/acid house scene have. To be able to re-create and celebrate this cultural milestone in the country’s history, that meant so much to a generation, fills me with utter excitement, along with a huge sense of responsibility with this opportunity to re-live a very special time in our lives when club culture was exploding, it was exciting, it had an edge. Rose Gold is an inspiring tale of one woman’s pursuit of a passion… house music. The film highlights making hard choices, losing those close to you, sacrifices, fighting for what you believe in and not excepting to simply exist in the world. Rose has nothing, but is rich in youth, belief, verve and an absolute desire to succeed, as her journey is dramatically diverted towards success, in a way not even she could have imagined. This is a story about people and for the people. The film is filled with inspiration, moments of magic, pure joy and inspiration that a young woman, coming of age, at a time where Rose only wanted to find relief for her mum’s pain through the unexpected world of cannabis. Through this exploration, Rose finds personal relief from her own anguish through the unexpected worlds of friendship, music, ecstasy, and freedom. I’ve lived this story; this is a real story, a life affirming story for the people in a period when it’s needed most. See you on the other side!”

The Acid House movement of the ’90s wasn’t just a musical revolution; it was a cultural phenomenon that redefined a generation. It was a time when boundaries were blurred, spirits were lifted, and the world danced to a new beat. Our film aims to capture the essence of that era, the raw energy, the passion, and the stories that have remained untold.Imagine the pulsating beats of electronic music, the vibrant neon lights, and the sea of people moving in unison. Now, imagine the stories behind each face in that crowd – tales of love, freedom, rebellion, and discovery. This is the world we want to bring to the big screen. But beyond the music and the culture, this film is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to tap into a global audience that still reveres this era, and a new generation curious about its roots. The nostalgia market is booming, and the demand for authentic, heartfelt stories is higher than ever. By investing in this film, you’re not just funding a project; you’re becoming a part of a legacy. You’re giving voice to a movement that changed lives and continues to influence music and culture today. Together, we can create a cinematic experience that resonates, entertains, and educates. Let’s not just make a film. Let’s make history. Join us in bringing the electrifying world of Acid House to life, and let’s ensure that the beat goes on.

Confirmed Cast & Crew:

Chloe Lea (Rose Gold):  Chloe got her big break at the age of 9 years old on ITV’s Scott and Bailey series 5 playing Rosie Medford. Chloe went on to play the lead role in the Jacqueline Wilson CBBC series, Katy, playing Katie Carr, which resulted in Chloe winning a BAFTA for young performer at the Children’s BAFTA Awards 2018. Chloe also claimed The Royal Television Society Award for Best Breakthrough Talent, also 2018. Chloe is currently filming for the HBO series DUNE: Sisterhood.

Corin Silva (Ian): A northwest lad dipping in and out of the Manchester house scene since he was of age. Nearly 20 years after the show takes place you can still feel it in the city It’d be class to be a part of this story. As an actor I studied in the city and shot short films with any free time there. I’m excited to get in the mix and explore the importance of the character of Ian”. Currently, Corin is a series regular on BBC’s ROGUE HEROES which shoots Season 2 this summer. And ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE for NETFLIX.

Anthony Crank (Bernard): Anthony Crank is an English television presenter, journalist and actor, probably best known for his work on Channel 4’s T4, MTV, and BBC1’s Holiday. Anthony has recently played KENNY in Hollyoaks, and returning regular, DEAN TURNBULL in Coronation street from later this year.

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